The Anarchist Bomb Squad

28 Jul

Sadly the 100 year old caricature of of a black-clad, bomb-wielding, sinister figure intent on death and destruction is still a picture that springs to a lot of people’s minds when you mention the term ‘anarchist’ (sadder still a lot of anarchists are still fixated on black clothing – surely a truly free society would be a lot more stylish than this?). But if the truth be told the latter-day anarchist bomber is an altogether more agreeable character.

Forget the Semtex or the TNT, we’re into bombing minds, not streets (or worse still, people). And here’s our weapon of choice…

Projection Bombing allows for massive visual impact whilst having little or no physical impact on the material world.  And it’s easier to set up than you might think. This Instructables page has a good overview of the techniques involved, but if you want to be truly inspired a prolonged visit to F.A.T. Lab and the Graffiti Research Lab is highly recommended. These guys show what’s possible with a little savvy and a lot of imagination – anarchists and propa-propagandists could learn a lot form them 😉

Projectors have dropped in price, but – as ever – blagged, end-of-use equipment is always your best bet. There’s plenty of Free Open Source Software (FOSS) to help you on your way – including the formidable Graffiti Analysis (a preview of version 3.0 can be found here). We’re planning an overview of propa-propagandist FOSS applications for a future post.

The AMP experimented with Projection Bombing earlier in the year at Clifford tower in York…

Which improved the look of the tower no end 😉 Unlike this mindless bollocks which happened later in the year which gives graffiti a bad name…

(more details @ Turpins Tidings)

So isn’t it time you joined the Anarchist (Projection) Bombing Campaign? 😉


One Response to “The Anarchist Bomb Squad”

  1. luther August 15, 2010 at 7:09 pm #

    I believe that last graffito is what they call a “toy” in the trade… though they get a lot of stick, taggers have higher standards than that, some of the calligraphy is brilliant. I’m trying to document some of the most interesting examples.

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