FREE POSTERS – get your free AMP posters today!!!

7 Sep

We recently paid a visit to the wonderful Footprints Workers Cooperative to get some lessons in printmaking.

We had a couple of mishaps and as a result we have a bundle of “Kick It Till It Breaks” poster ‘seconds’.

The print is a little faded in places, but fully readable – perfect for papering your bedroom or cheating on your GCSE Art exam – definitely not for fly-posting though, honest 😉

If you like a bunch of these posters for FREE then get in touch – anarchistmediaproject[at]gmail[dot]com – and we’ll arrange to post you some out on a first come first served basis.


One Response to “FREE POSTERS – get your free AMP posters today!!!”


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    […] Apologies to anyone waiting for the free posters, we have to sneak them through work’s postal system and have had a few problems – but […]

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