Shielding Ourselves from the State

7 Jun

We were recently trawling the web when we came across this comment on a forum…

Roman shield tactics conquered the known world at the time, so it should work to keep protesters safe.

An easy way to make those shields: Bent sheet metal or plywood covered front and back with Linex (The stuff used in truck-bed liners). In the states one can purchase Linex in 5 gallon cans and it is the current linner used to armor the underside of humvees to protect against IEDs. It makes quite a bullet resistant barrier. If one has money, they can layer it with carbon fiber or Kevlar fabric (exspensive but not as much as body armor) for extra resistance to projectiles.

I figure it would take about 3 months of dedicated training to teach people the tactics so that they could apply it. Also, old military surplus for gas masks might be advisable. Fairly cheap and the internal filters can be fabricated to withstand most forms of tear gas and pepper-sprays.

I advocate these things not because I want to fight authority but because I’m tired of seeing footage of protesters getting beaten and having little to no avenues of self-defense. The police (at least here in the states) act as bullies and it is time to rise up and hand thier ass to them (the only effective tactic to bullies).

What a bloody brilliant idea! And exactly the kind of thinking the UK anarchist scene needs more of. For those of you unfamiliar with Roman Shield Tactics, it goes a little something like this…

It would be quite easy to paint slogans on the shields, or keep things simple by going with a rather dapper alternating red & black…

Nice! 🙂


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