New #NOTW: call for submissions for the people’s paper…

11 Jul

The irrepressible Mr Ian Bone is set to re-launch The News of the World. On his blog he writes…

During the Wapping dispute the striking printers produced their own paper THE WAPPING POST. This led eventually to the launch of THE NEWS ON SUNDAY with£25 million behind it – and a hapless dismal editorial failure it turned out to be. A major opportunity squandered by weak insipid journalism. I believe it’s possible to do something similar now – NOT THE FAILURE!! In the past you’d rely on the sacked workers to physically seize control of the plant but there’s fat chance of this supine gutless non-unionisd lot doing that.But you don’t need to do that now – you can simply take over the title. I intend to publish an online version of the NOTW on Sunday July 17th – WITH YOUR HELP. I’ve had copywrite issues with Murdoch empire before when they took my band to the High court in the strand for using the name PAGE 3 – The Sun came out of that £50,000 out of pocket.

Here’s the plan. …to produce a 16 page tabloid online on July 17th. I’ve appointed myself editor and invite your help writing articles and doing the design.I have no design skills so really need Foxy(Sabcat) and Warren(AMP) onside with this – and anyone else with skills………and the rest of you with ideas,scoops, articles. 10 pages features( deadline Thursday noon) 6 pages news (deadline noon saturday) – paper will appear online 12.01 am Sunday. If the online version gets an enthusiastic reception I see no reason we couldn’t move to a limited circulation printed version in London within months. I’ll give some thoughts on the type of paper it might be but I think it should aspire to be the paper THE NEWS ON SUNDAY should have been – something thoughtful and fun – not a crude attempt to mimic the Sun and the word ‘anarchist’ will not be featuring. The discipline of producing first issue on July 17th will concentrate minds as to whetherwe can do it or not. I’m off to Wapping now – whay d’ya think – a runner or not. Don’t let a poverty of ambition hold us back.

The AMP have teamed up with the very wonderful SabCat workers co-op to work on graphics & design, but the more people who get involved the better. Which is why we’re repeating Ian’s call for contributors


Ok……address for articles is       I’ve decided togo for 12 pages rather than 16 for first issue. Have got all  the help needed for design but very few writers…maybe ‘cos style and content has not been made clear. For this issue all 12 pages will be related to the NOTW scandal…..quirky bits and pieces welcome as well as analytical bits……..remember it’s a newspaper and events move fast…….so check original deadlines…piece has to be have shelf life on Sunday morning. If i was editing it today I’d have led on article below…….good hook line, concise,hard points made. Longer pieces for inside though……… given length…………..good incisive writing will make the paper and you’ll get credited. I’d love someone to interview Glen mulcaire about his footballing days…..but this won’t happen….so a made up interv iew with Mulcaire  will be fine. Ideally we’d be like the daily mirror in it’s campaiging days…………. or the excellent but shortlived ’7 DAYS’………or Picture Post………… well dare to dream.

here’s some film of me waving money trying to bribe cops at  wapping thursday:​s/uknews/phone-hacking/8626065​/Barry-Fitzpatrick-NUJ-members​-are-devastated.html

C’mon people – let’s do this! 😀


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