Fuck ALL Fundamentalists: Breivik, the EDL & the Daily Mail

27 Jul

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The English Defense League often claim that they’re not racist (even when they smash up anti-racist benefit gigs), and that they hate fascists (but have links to extreme right wing groups all over the world). And to some extent this is true; they really aren’t the same as traditional fascist groups like the  National Front – but this doesn’t mean they’re not equally as dangerous… as recent events have proved.

The EDL say that they simply want to stop Islam taking over Europe. And to be honest their ideology can be found in most issues of the Daily Mail (until last Friday when for some reason they calmed down their usual hate filled “THE IMMIGRANTS ARE COMING!” type headlines), they especially like to mimic the vitriolic ramblings of Melanie Phillips… author of the EDL’s favourite rant, ‘Londonistan‘. Most EDL diatribes are simply a less cautious version of the crap which dribbles from the mouth of your average Tory.This, say the EDL, means that they’re nothing like the fascists…

Unfortunately for the EDL, the Daily Mail, Melanie Phillips, and all the other haters out there, Anders Behring Breivik says exactly the same thing! The truth is that all of these people drip-feed hate into the world until some twisted soul finally snaps. Sick breeds sick. Dickheads like Breivik need the venom spewed by Phillips or the EDL to justify their actions in the same way deluded young suicide bombers need justification of their martyrdom from cowardly old men.

Fuck ALL fundamentalists. Fuck ALL ideology.

Read more in the Schnews report This is Norway to Go..?

And don’t forget to support the Tower Hamlets INTOLERANCE FREE ZONE.


One Response to “Fuck ALL Fundamentalists: Breivik, the EDL & the Daily Mail”

  1. brewlab July 27, 2011 at 9:55 pm #

    Time, perhaps, to view all religions and religious people with a healthy scepticism.

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