No Missiles in Oxleas Wood!.. #olympics #2012

14 Mar

As Mr Bone has pointed out recently, the MoD are planning to stick missile launchers in Oxleas Wood, Greenwich:

Our Earth First comrades will recall the batle to save oxleas woods in the early 90′s when threatened with a road through it. I can’t imagine that local people are going to be happier about guided missiles there for a couple of months. As  plans become reality the punters are going to get increasingly pissed off as movements are restricted and diversions enforced. No anger will need to be confected.

Mr Bone’s comments and a classic anti-Olympics image…

…inspired a poster ;-)…

Click here to download our ‘Oxleas Wood’ poster.

For more info on Olympics corruption check out

And here’s some nice work from Sabcat’s Foxy…


One Response to “No Missiles in Oxleas Wood!.. #olympics #2012”

  1. Foxy March 14, 2012 at 7:08 pm #

    Reminds me of team america
    “We Killed the Terrorists!”

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