From 2012 to 1984 – Digi Cam’s latest attack on the liberties of UK citizens…

1 Apr

Click here for a free PDF of our ‘Big Brother Britain’ poster.

Despite all their big talk about ‘the Nanny State’ and liberties when they were in opposition the Tories have proved that they’re as keen as Labour was to ensure that Britain becomes the most surveillanced society on the planet. We’re already the most highly filmed population and  now Dave – Digi Cam – Cameron wants to force internet and communications companies to surrender our information to the government’s intelligence agency, the GCHQ… an act which will put the UK on par with China and Iran.

Combine this with the new National Identity Register (which may include compulsory ‘voice biometrics’ for everyone in Britain) and you have a situation which is, as Johnny Void has already shown, even worse than Labour’s National ID Card proposal!

Labour no doubt will feign disapproval, but the reality is that this is where all government are heading. The good news is that the technology which makes this possible is also the technology which will allow us to transcend outmoded hierarchical systems like government. 😉

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One Response to “From 2012 to 1984 – Digi Cam’s latest attack on the liberties of UK citizens…”

  1. miki67 April 2, 2012 at 1:15 am #

    This shower of shit aren’t going to be satisfied until they’ve set up a complete Nazi state and can cancel the next general ‘election’ ( choose yer suit here ) on the grounds of national security/emergency/unity. Y’know,the usual Nazi claptrap. Maybe they’ll prop up the vacant wonder,Prince Villem & his slaggy moneygrubbin’ wife,wotsername,as robot sockpuppet figureheads in our hour of need. And what we really need is a cull of the aristo/toff/bankster/gangster class.

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