21 Oct

INCUBUS: Incendiary rants of an apostate anarchist

Trenton Oldfield, the anti-elitism activist, whilst recieving a draconian six month sentence for essentially going for a swim and slowing down some posh pricks silly rowing game,( disrupting the Oxbridge Boat race last summer) was lectured by the judge, that  ‘No good comes from prejudice– as if the wealthy elite are some sort of persecuted minority, (never mind the mass-mugging of the poor to bail out the bankers through austerity)!!  Not only was this sentence an entirely political judgement designed to act as a deterrent to anyone else thinking of challenging the status quo through direct action, but it was also an important indicator of the  mentality of the establishment- the way they happily twist logic for their own ends- in much the same way as the demented fascist Nick Griffin did recently, when he declared that people had a ‘right to discriminate’- in this case to raise…

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