22 Oct

During the token TUC march on Saturday Ed Miliband made it absolutely clear (for those blind enough to believe otherwise) that nothing would be different under Labour (except maybe they’d be more apologetic as they fucked us). The welfare state – hard won by a militant working class – is being whittled away in the name of bullshit austerity measures and there is as yet no concrete action to defend it. Johnny Void is right

We are fighting for our homes, our health, our kids and in all too many cases our lives.  The death toll from austerity is real and grows every day.  No amount of marching to Hyde Park and listening to Ed Milliband promising more of the same will change that…. Strikes, occupations, blockades, sabotage and direct confrontation are all we have left.  If the trade unions genuinely want a future that works then co-ordinated surrenders, as happened over public pensions, are a betrayal of working class people.  This really isn’t a dress rehearsal, they want to take away everything we’ve won.  The question is do we have what it takes to stop them?

It’s literally fight or die!

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘Cuts’ poster.

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