1 Nov

INCUBUS: Incendiary rants of an apostate anarchist

The following is a comment from Damien Engine on the previous posting ‘DARE TO DREAM’-

‘I went to the Bookfair on Saturday no longer calling myself an anarchist (labels seem irrelevant) but sympathetic and still sort of emotionally tied to my involvement in the anarchist movement in the late 80s. I’m glad it’s all still there. But, the most important thing to realise, for all the left, is how completely fucked we all are. An inconsequential irrelevance to most people’s lives. But I don’t think that realisation is a bad thing, it can teach humility and clear the head to see things as they are. We’re fucked. Perhaps the problem today is with people who take their ideas too seriously because they think we’re on the verge of winning? We’re not. We’re fucked. On a related note: my view is that the Class War Fed back in 1991 was it…

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