25 Apr

Ian Bone

‘Hands up all those desperate to give Mr Goldsmith a week’s food money to sit beside the A2 watching a cooking demo, while some bloke and his band get ready to deafen everyone from Deptford to Woolwich. Wake up Blackheath’

Typical response to the fiasco that is ‘ON BLACKHEATH’. Overpriced tickets, added booking fees, no more big name acts announced as repeatedly promised, website mostly full up with comments from their own PR, NO FOOD INCLUDED IN THE TICKET PRICE OF £108 plus £6 BOOKING FEE AND £66 FOR KIDS, clash with Kate Bush dates,……..basically you are paying £114 for a MASSIVE WANK concert!!
And then there’s the free foodbank run by Class War, the army of beggars imploring ‘ spare us the booking fee guv’nor’ AND THE COMPLETE FUCKING OBSCENITY OF RUNNING A MICHELIN STYLE FOOD FESTIVAL IN A BOROUGH WHERE FOODBANKS ARE FEEDING HUNDREDS OF FAMILIES A WEEK…

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