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A little something for the Queen on her 88th Birthday…

21 Apr

vampire queen


His name is TRISTRAM HUNT and he’s a right POSH…

11 Feb

Tristram Hunt poster

Click here to download a PDF of our Tristram Hunt poster 🙂

#ACAB #Poster

15 May

acab small

A great design by the very wonderful TC, click here to download a free PDF of the poster 🙂

Thatcher Still Isn’t Breathing #poster …

8 Apr

Thatcher dead

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Fuck Iain Davros Smith!.. #free #poster

31 Mar

Iain Davros Smith

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YOU ARE NOT A LOAN #strikedebt #poster

6 Nov

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘Debt Star’ poster.

It’s beginning to look like Occupy was just the first stage in a new wave of creative protests which will eventually be powerful enough to use each of the 1%’s weapons against themselves. As Stewart Lee pointed out in the Occupied Times a couple of month’s ago:

The Occupy Movement is occupying space and time. Well done. In doing so, it has thus far changed the news agenda, shown how random groups of people can co-operate to noble ends, and made the plastic-headed Tory MP Louise Mensch look like an out-of-touch dilettante. Again… But Global Capitalism has moved beyond space and time into a theoretical abstract region unfettered by the laws of either physics or common decency, and where there isn’t so much as a paving slab to pitch your tent on, let alone a Starbucks where you can recharge your mobiles and irritate Louise Mensch.

STRIKE DEBT!, born out of meetings at Occupy Wall Street, is taking the fight ‘beyond space and time’ to the fabled land of money. As stated in a post on Global Voices

The basic premise laid out in a joint statement by Occupy Wall Street, Real Democracy Now, the 15-M movement and various organisations asserts a demand for a debt audit by the people, announcing:

To the financial institutions of the world, we have only one thing to say: we owe you nothing.

Mortgages, medical debts, student loans, credit cards, or even local government debts: making war against any form of illegitimate debt is the new combat for an increasing number of protest movements throughout the world.

Being so deeply embedded in modern life debt has the potential to unite a whole variety of people. Why not check out the Debt Resistors’ Operations Manual and host a Dept Assembly in your area?

Get Your #FREE #Halloween Masks Here!… (WARNING: these images are truly terrifying)

30 Oct

If you’re not scared of these monsters then think for a minute about your kids’ futures!

Click here for a PDF of the Cameron mask.

Click here for a PDF of the Clegg mask.

Click here for a PDF of the Ed mask.

All In It Together?..

23 Oct


Support the Dodgers!.. but fuck George Osborne

22 Oct

We’re not opposed to to a bit of fair dodging now and then; with more and more people being priced out of public transport we can’t wait for the day Checky Watch goes nationwide. But we’re prepared to make an exception when it comes to hypocritical  millionaire bastards!!!

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘Dodgers’ poster.

Everything today is thoroughly common…

15 Oct

Who does Ed think he’s fooling?.. He may have attended a different school, but he’s working to exactly the same agenda as his Etonian mates. Fuck ’em all! 😉