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Return of the Riot

8 Sep

Today sees the return of the hugely popular I heart Riots and I heart Anarchy.

You can pick them up from Freedom Bookshop in London or email us

Annoy the Swappies Badges

27 Aug

The SWP aren’t Marxist, they’re wankers was a post on Ian Bones blog here

This was a kickstart for us to produce Annoy a Swopper badge range lovingly crafted in Yorkshire

Badge 1 The Trotsky Ice Pick

Badge 2 Dead Trotsky

Badge 3  Fanny Kaplan the woman who shot Lenin in 1918

Badge 4  Ramón Mercader Trotsky’s assassin

So get your swoppey mate a four pack and make them a happy swopper

Fight the CUT-BACKS with your very own CUT-BADGE!

24 Aug

The Cut Cameron Badge will be available soon!


17 Aug

A range of AMP badges will be available soon. A FREE set of badges goes to anyone who can give us luddite anti-capitalists some tips about selling them via our blog!

Leave a comment or email us at anarchistmediaproject[at]

All proceeds from the badges  will go to printing posters and a new Anarchist Anti-Work pamphlet. We’ll also happily take donations if anyone is feeling generous 😉