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26 Mar

April 1st is the very apt date on which the Tory bastards intend to introduce their Bedroom Tax… the coalition government may have proved themselves to be be fools, but this sick tax is no fucking joke!

Here’s a small selection of black and white posters for people to print off put-up where they live. If you think this doesn’t concern you, you’re very, very wrong. The knock-on effect is going to put pressure on low-income families everywhere as rents and house prices are driven up… which is, of course, the main motivation behind most of the Tory policies on housing – but let’s not forget that the Bedrooom Tax was originally introduced to the private rented sector by the last Labour government in 2008, and that despite their faux postering Labour have already admitted that they’d keep the bedroom tax!


Click here to download the free PDF.


Click here to download the free PDF.


Click here to download the free PDF.

We’ll be creating more posters shortly, in the meantime if you are faced with this unfair tax here’s how to appeal…

Give ‘Em Hell At #Henley 2013

24 Mar


Click here to download our ‘Henley 13’ poster 🙂

Love Badgers? Then Support the @SquatTheCull Campaigners!..

20 Mar

cull the rich

It is now patently obvious to everyone and anyone  that the Tories are little more than EVIL BASTARDS. If they’re not busy creating misery and hardship for humans then they’re hell-bent on slaughtering what remains of Britain’s wild mammal population. But as our Greenjacker friends recently pointed out, the relentless Tory attack on everything we love is stirring people to action is ways we haven’t seen for a while…

The Badger Cull Squatters are a collective of animal rights activists, squatters and travellers who plan to squat cull-sites in Somerset, Gloustershire and possibly Dorset. It’s a tactic which saved dozens of threatened habitats from road-building back in the 90s… and which also happened to help generate one of the largest anarchist movements this country has seen. So show them your support and help squat the cull!..

Click here to download a PDF of our ‘Cull The Rich’ poster.

Support the Dodgers!.. but fuck George Osborne

22 Oct

We’re not opposed to to a bit of fair dodging now and then; with more and more people being priced out of public transport we can’t wait for the day Checky Watch goes nationwide. But we’re prepared to make an exception when it comes to hypocritical  millionaire bastards!!!

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘Dodgers’ poster.


28 Aug

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘Better to squat…’ stencil.

Inspired and enraged by this post from the very excellent Johnny Void we’ve decided to create a series of pro-squatting posters based around a simple raised-fist squat design…

Click here for a free PDF of our basic ‘Save Squatting’ stencil.

We’ve created a few slogans to be going on with, but if you have any others you’d like us to produce just leave a comment and we’ll add it to the list if we like it.

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘Homes for Everybody’ stencil.

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘Not a Crime’ stencil.

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘Squat the Rich’ stencil.

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘No Justice, No Crime’ stencil.

These stencils are intended for every single one of the 750,000 empty homes in the UK. As Johnny Void observes these properties are owned by banks, large corporations, offshore companies and other potential donors to the political parties who forced this new legislation through without proper consultation. Homes which will stay empty whilst homelessness soars.

On a more positive note the new laws will not apply to land (so for fucks sake Reclaim The Fields before it’s too late!) or non-residential properties. Many commercial premises can (and should) be easily adapted to provide comfort and shelter… especially all those pubs which are closing down at an alarming rate… if you do squat a pub do us a favour and call it “The Uppin Arms.” 😉 …

Click here to download a PDF of our ‘Uppin Arms’ stencil.

If you want more information about squatting, the new laws, or would like to join the fightback then please visit the following websites…

We Are All #PussyRiot

18 Aug



16 Aug

Pussy Unity

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘PUSSY UNITY’ Poster.

Just a quick re-post of our Pussy Riot poster now that Amnesty International are on the case…

Pussy Riot needs your support – text and stand up for free speech

Normal AMP service is due to resume in the very near future…

‘Oggy, Oggy, Osborne… Out! Out! Out!’ – Join the Pie March from Pudding Lane #pastytax #pastygate #ukuncut

18 Apr

Click here to download a PDF of our black ‘OSBORNE WANKER’ poster.

Click here to download a PDF of our ink friendly white ‘OSBORNE WANKER’ poster.

These posters have been designed to be carried on the baker’s march from Pudding Lane to Downing Street next week, as Ian Bone says


The march of bakers  from round the country and supported by THe Sun will start at  PUDDING LANE  and head to Downing street . London Class war will be on the march – and we urge you all to join us. We will have different aims than the organisers  but we expect our anti-toff  message to go down well like a fine pastie with our comrades from the Bakers union. We’ll be having none of the class  collaborationist stuff from the bossesof Greggs and other workfare slave owners. But we’ll make sure these wankers dont dominate the class war message of the march.TOFFS OUT.I doubt there’ll be any other anarchists or lefties on the march – far too snooty for such banalities – so  BRING THE CLASSS WAR FROM PUDDING LANE TO DOWNING STREET APRIL 26TH . Times when I get them. A maximum turnout i needed comrades………..

PUSSY UNITY – Free Pussy Riot!!! #solidarity #PussyRiot

15 Apr

Pussy Unity

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘PUSSY UNITY’ Poster.

We saw a photograph of the very wonderful Andrea Vander Kooij‘s ‘Balaclava for Kissing’ (2006 -Photo Credit: Kate Fellerath) and thought it made the perfect image to show solidarity with Pussy Riot.

Maria, Nadezhda and Ekaterina face up to seven years imprisonment for their alleged involvement in “hooliganism” (hooliganism being playing loud music apparently) at the ‘Christ the Savior Cathedral’ in Moscow, as Amnesty International reports:

Several members of the punk group ‘Pussy Riot’, with their faces covered in balaclavas, sang a protest song titled “Virgin Mary, redeem us of Putin” in the cathedral. The Russian authorities subsequently arrested Maria Alekhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova on 4 March and Ekaterina Samusevich on 15 March claiming they were the masked singers. Although the three women admit to being members of the larger ‘Pussy Riot’ group, they deny any involvement in the particular protest in the cathedral.

The next day of action is scheduled to coincide with the first day of their trial and the Free Pussy Riot website has some suggestions for ways in which you might like to show solidarity with Pussy Riot…

April 19th, the day of the trial is the action day to show your real support and solidarity with the Pussy Riot and their three alleged members unfairly jailed in Moscow!

Take Action and Make Noise:

–  protest in front  of Russian Embassy in your country
–  phone Russian Government
–  call press
–  wear your balaclavas
–  organize a gig
–  post on FB / Youtube / Twitter
–  send solidarity letters
–  donate

Join Our Protest and Demand Immediate Release of Maria, Nadezhda and Ekaterina!

More details can be found at the Free Pussy Riot website.

SINK THE RICH! @ Henley Royal Regatta 2012

10 Apr

Inspired by the irrepressible Mr Bone:

SIR MATHEW PINSENT of the OLD ETONIAN ROWING CLUB  has stated that Trenton Oldfield was lucky that  Sir Stephen Redgrave did not get hold of him. ‘When someone tried to protest at Henley  a few years ago Stephen punched a whole in the side of their canoe with his bare fist’. OOOooooer…missus……………so comrades the challenge is laid down……….fiticuffs under Queensbery rules on the tideway at Henley….where’s Jeff Monson when we need him?   Such advocation of criminal damage by a  KNIGHT OF THE REALM is deplorable.We must not rise to the bait…………….FORWARD TO HENLEY   JUNE 30TH 2012………….

Many of you have asked the meaning of ‘punching a hole in your canoe’ . I am therefore indebted to m’learned friend Dr. Dora Kaplan of the Dept. of Semantics at the university of GOOLE for this explanation:

‘Punching a hole in the canoe’ is upper class slang for anal sex with a fag or other minor. Cognate terms include ‘oriental embroidery’ and ‘making the eight.’ Oxbridge pederasts will never directly allude to the act of sexual abuse, and avoid legal problems by using esoteric euphemism in place of direct reference. For example:
“Last year at Henley  got frightfully annoyed at some beastly roughs. When he got home he requisitioned a young Tarquin and punched a hole in the canoe, and right in the middle of the drawing room, too. His lady discovered him in flagrante delicto, and was incandescent. She still hadn’t forgiven him for making the eight with her youngest nephew last Chrsitmas. Dreadful business.”

Hope this clears it up.

Poster coming soon 😉