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Black & White and Projectable Version of the CLASS WAR 50% Mansion Tax Sticker

28 Oct

small mansion tax sticker white on black

The mighty TC just asked for a white on black version of the sticker that can be ‘projection bombed’ (sounds like fun!)… thought it looked nice so have decided to post it…

Click here to download a PDF file of the white on black Mansion Tax sticker 🙂

Sticker & Poster for the forthcoming CLASS WAR campaign…

28 Oct

mansion tax sticker

Click here to download a PDF of artwork for the Mansion Tax sticker.

mansion tax poster

Click here to download a PDF of the artwork for the Mansion Tax poster.

For more details of the campaign check out Mr Bone’s blog…


2 Apr

Boycott Asda

Click here to download our ‘Boycott Asda’ poster 🙂

For more information on the campaign visit these sites…

Welfare News Service

Boycott Workfare

Johnny Void


26 Mar

April 1st is the very apt date on which the Tory bastards intend to introduce their Bedroom Tax… the coalition government may have proved themselves to be be fools, but this sick tax is no fucking joke!

Here’s a small selection of black and white posters for people to print off put-up where they live. If you think this doesn’t concern you, you’re very, very wrong. The knock-on effect is going to put pressure on low-income families everywhere as rents and house prices are driven up… which is, of course, the main motivation behind most of the Tory policies on housing – but let’s not forget that the Bedrooom Tax was originally introduced to the private rented sector by the last Labour government in 2008, and that despite their faux postering Labour have already admitted that they’d keep the bedroom tax!


Click here to download the free PDF.


Click here to download the free PDF.


Click here to download the free PDF.

We’ll be creating more posters shortly, in the meantime if you are faced with this unfair tax here’s how to appeal…

Give ‘Em Hell At #Henley 2013

24 Mar


Click here to download our ‘Henley 13’ poster 🙂

Love Badgers? Then Support the @SquatTheCull Campaigners!..

20 Mar

cull the rich

It is now patently obvious to everyone and anyone  that the Tories are little more than EVIL BASTARDS. If they’re not busy creating misery and hardship for humans then they’re hell-bent on slaughtering what remains of Britain’s wild mammal population. But as our Greenjacker friends recently pointed out, the relentless Tory attack on everything we love is stirring people to action is ways we haven’t seen for a while…

The Badger Cull Squatters are a collective of animal rights activists, squatters and travellers who plan to squat cull-sites in Somerset, Gloustershire and possibly Dorset. It’s a tactic which saved dozens of threatened habitats from road-building back in the 90s… and which also happened to help generate one of the largest anarchist movements this country has seen. So show them your support and help squat the cull!..

Click here to download a PDF of our ‘Cull The Rich’ poster.

Support the Dodgers!.. but fuck George Osborne

22 Oct

We’re not opposed to to a bit of fair dodging now and then; with more and more people being priced out of public transport we can’t wait for the day Checky Watch goes nationwide. But we’re prepared to make an exception when it comes to hypocritical  millionaire bastards!!!

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘Dodgers’ poster.