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His name is TRISTRAM HUNT and he’s a right POSH…

11 Feb

Tristram Hunt poster

Click here to download a PDF of our Tristram Hunt poster 🙂

Sticker & Poster for the forthcoming CLASS WAR campaign…

28 Oct

mansion tax sticker

Click here to download a PDF of artwork for the Mansion Tax sticker.

mansion tax poster

Click here to download a PDF of the artwork for the Mansion Tax poster.

For more details of the campaign check out Mr Bone’s blog…


2 Apr

Boycott Asda

Click here to download our ‘Boycott Asda’ poster 🙂

For more information on the campaign visit these sites…

Welfare News Service

Boycott Workfare

Johnny Void

#Pastygate made you angry? Then get your own back on George Osborne!…

28 Mar

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘PASTYGATE’ poster.

The Amazing New #Workfare Deal Only At @holland_barrett !!!

21 Mar

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘Holland & Barrett’ poster.

This Point of sale (PoS) poster was inspired by this post from Johnny Void and the wave of anti-Workfare protests around the country…

Why not spread the word at your local branch 😉

And here’s a black and white version for cheaper printing…

Click to download the black and white PDF.

And here’s a toner friendly version as suggested by Green Cheese 🙂 …

Click here for a Toner Friendly PDF.

And here’s an A7 flyer for the stores…

Click here for an A4 sheet of A7 flyers.

No Missiles in Oxleas Wood!.. #olympics #2012

14 Mar

As Mr Bone has pointed out recently, the MoD are planning to stick missile launchers in Oxleas Wood, Greenwich:

Our Earth First comrades will recall the batle to save oxleas woods in the early 90′s when threatened with a road through it. I can’t imagine that local people are going to be happier about guided missiles there for a couple of months. As  plans become reality the punters are going to get increasingly pissed off as movements are restricted and diversions enforced. No anger will need to be confected.

Mr Bone’s comments and a classic anti-Olympics image…

…inspired a poster ;-)…

Click here to download our ‘Oxleas Wood’ poster.

For more info on Olympics corruption check out

And here’s some nice work from Sabcat’s Foxy…

C*NT on a H*NT: #occupy #hester 29/4/12

5 Feb

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘C*NT on a H*NT’ poster.

HarFest: the alternative harvest festival…

25 Sep

If you live in South Yorkshire you might want to get involved with HarFest: the alternative harvest festival…

Anyone who knows The Leopard will know that it was once the place for live and alternative music in Donny. Sadly it’s due to close on October 30th so this is a party to say goodbye… and up yours! to the PubCo who want to gentrify the place.

There’s a planning meeting tomorrow night (Monday 26th Sept) @ The Leopard from 7pm where we’re also gonna talk about trying to save the place from becoming another bloody ‘theme pub’ or, worse still, ‘gastro pub’. Anarchists, alternatives, artists, musicians, writers & poets and other ne’er-do-wells  are wholy encouraged to get involved 😉

Spread the word…

Click here to download a free PDF of the HarFest poster.


10 Sep

This is the front and back of the A5 flyer for the SHUT DOWN ETON event which will take place on Wednesday 28th September, 2011. Keep up with details of the event by following Ian Bone’s blog…

Click here to download the front of the flyer.

Click here to download the rear of the flyer.

Print & distribute as you like 😉


15 Aug

After this comment on Ian Bone’s blog

The ‘Stop the looters’ black & white, photocopy friendly version comes out a treat- if you copy and paste it onto an A4 word document, you get handy A5 flyers-printed a fuck load at work- will quietly distribute to local building sites, supermarket newspaper stands, jobcentre, local library, post boxes…any other suggestions?

We thought we’d make the job easier by producing an A5 flyer (2 x each A4 print)…

Click here to download.