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Occupy the Ballot Box! #Free #ClassWar #Poster

21 Dec

occupy the ballot box poster

Inspired by this statement from Stan Cullen.

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘Occupy the Ballot Box’ poster.

YOU ARE NOT A LOAN #strikedebt #poster

6 Nov

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘Debt Star’ poster.

It’s beginning to look like Occupy was just the first stage in a new wave of creative protests which will eventually be powerful enough to use each of the 1%’s weapons against themselves. As Stewart Lee pointed out in the Occupied Times a couple of month’s ago:

The Occupy Movement is occupying space and time. Well done. In doing so, it has thus far changed the news agenda, shown how random groups of people can co-operate to noble ends, and made the plastic-headed Tory MP Louise Mensch look like an out-of-touch dilettante. Again… But Global Capitalism has moved beyond space and time into a theoretical abstract region unfettered by the laws of either physics or common decency, and where there isn’t so much as a paving slab to pitch your tent on, let alone a Starbucks where you can recharge your mobiles and irritate Louise Mensch.

STRIKE DEBT!, born out of meetings at Occupy Wall Street, is taking the fight ‘beyond space and time’ to the fabled land of money. As stated in a post on Global Voices

The basic premise laid out in a joint statement by Occupy Wall Street, Real Democracy Now, the 15-M movement and various organisations asserts a demand for a debt audit by the people, announcing:

To the financial institutions of the world, we have only one thing to say: we owe you nothing.

Mortgages, medical debts, student loans, credit cards, or even local government debts: making war against any form of illegitimate debt is the new combat for an increasing number of protest movements throughout the world.

Being so deeply embedded in modern life debt has the potential to unite a whole variety of people. Why not check out the Debt Resistors’ Operations Manual and host a Dept Assembly in your area?

Checking Out…

12 Apr

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘Checking Out’ poster.

The GRAND GLOBAL HOLIDAY – May 1st 2012 #m1gs

10 Apr

Click here for a free PDF of our ‘Grand Global Holiday’ poster.

Yesterday we showed our support for a Global General Strike on May 1st, and we thought we’d better make a more photocopy friendly poster. We’ve also been thinking a lot about William Benbow’s 19th Century call for a Grand national Holiday and how sadly relevant the opening lines to his famous treatise still are:

LIFE, when good for any thing, consists of ease, gaiety, pleasure, and consequently of happiness. All men enjoy life but do not enjoy it equally. The enjoyment of some is so very limited, that it does not deserve the name of enjoyment; that of others is without bounds, for they have the means of procuring fully ease, gaiety, and pleasure. Thus happiness is circumscribed, and is becoming every day more and more so, that is, the numbers who are deprived of it are hourly increasing.

Benbow argued that a month long General Strike would lead to a full scale uprising and force a change in the newly established capitalist political system. During this month-long holiday the working class would have the opportunity “to legislate for all mankind; the constitution drawn up… that would place every human being on the same footing. Equal rights, equal enjoyments, equal toil, equal respect, equal share of production.”

The idea of a Grand Global Holiday is not only beautifully inclusive – who doesn’t want a holiday! – it would also be a very powerful economic weapon. Yesterday British television news was filled with the woes of economists who complained that a single Bank Holiday Monday costs the economy billions… what then would a whole month do?!?

Fuck the economically minded… let’s head for the beach!

GLOBAL GENERAL STRIKE MAY 1st 2012: No Work; No School; No Shopping! #PLAYJAZZ

8 Apr

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘Global General Strike’ poster.

When it comes to Occupy we feel that real change will come only when we OCCUPY THE LAND… especially the near 60% of the land in Britain which is currently ‘owned’ by 0.6% of it’s people… the aristocratic rich scum who’s best trick, like that of the devil, is to convince people that they are no longer a threat. As The Land Magazine says in it’s manifesto:

The market (however attractive it may appear) is built on promises: the only source of wealth is the earth. Anyone who has land has access to energy, water, nourishment, shelter, healing, wisdom, ancestors and a grave. Ivan Illich spoke of “a society of convivial tools that allows men to achieve purposes with energy fully under their control”. The ultimate convivial tool, the mother of all the others, is the earth … Rome fell; the Soviet Empire collapsed; the stars and stripes are fading in the west. Nothing is forever in history, except geography. Capitalism is a confidence trick, a dazzling edifice built on paper promises. It may stand longer than some of us anticipate, but when it crumbles, the land will remain.

That said, the latest call from the instigators of the Occupy movement, the social engineers at Adbusters, is a mighty multinational General Strike (see Tactical Briefing #28). This is a fantastic idea because, unlike with other Occupy strategies, absolutely anyone can – and should – get involved 🙂

And while you have some spare time on your hands why not turn your hand to a spot of Insolence!

Fuck the Jubilee – Occupy the Palace!

7 Feb

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘Occupy the Palace’ poster.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and read this!.. #occupy

21 Dec

We cam across the following on Mr Bone’s blog and thought it should be spread around…

An Open Letter to Occupy

Freedom Comes to Trafalgar Square #occupy #OccupyLSX #Nov9

9 Nov

Inspired by this tweet from @OccupyLSX: “40 tents on Trafalgar Square! *victory dance” :D” we decided to create a little poster…

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘Trafalgar’ poster.



Here’s another for good measure…

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘Occupational Hazard’ poster.

Remember, Remember… all those who #occupy on the 5th of November (and beyond!)…

5 Nov

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘Night to Remember’ poster

Click here to download a free PDF of out ‘Flames of Freedom’ poster

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘Look Up!’ poster