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Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and read this!.. #occupy

21 Dec

We cam across the following on Mr Bone’s blog and thought it should be spread around…

An Open Letter to Occupy

DIY Propa – Propaganda: build your own newspaper

15 Nov

We’ve been working on an anarchist newsletter for Doncaster and thought it might be interesting to show people how they can make their own. Full details here –

Revolutionary Self-Theory – the original & the best

3 Sep

The other day we published the Self Liberation Front (SeLF) version of Larry Law’s Revolutionary Self-Theory. Afterwards we were informed that PDFs of many of Larry’s Spectacular Times publications are available at Internet Archive.

Click here to download the original version of Larry’s classic work.

Teach Yourself Revolutionary Self-Theory: FREE GUIDEBOOK…

30 Aug

We’re teaching ourselves how to use Scribus so that we can create our own range of pamphlets. One of our members had previously been involved with turning Larry Law’s classic Spectacular Times text, Revolutionary Self Theory, into a blog and we thought this situationist masterpiece would make a good  practice project.

Revolutionary Self Theory is worth reading just for this quote alone…

The absolutist wanders along the shelves of the ideological supermarket looking for the ideal commodity, and then buys it — lock, stock and barrel. but the ideological supermarket — like any supermarket — is fit only for looting. It is more productive for us if we can move along the shelves, rip open the packets, take out what looks authentic and useful, and dump the rest.

Download your FREE copy of our Revolutionary Self-Theory pamphlet by clicking here.

And remember you can get the original (highly recommended) Spectacular Times version from AK Press.

The Heavens Are Empty, Steal What You Need

18 Aug

Whilst downloading stuff for the Alan Moore interview we found plenty of other inspirational things on Magpie’s Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness site, including…

…this poster…

…we’ve always had a soft-spot for  Voltairine de Cleyre. You can download a PDF of the poster by clicking here.

And this pamphlet…

…which can be downloaded by clicking here.