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His name is TRISTRAM HUNT and he’s a right POSH…

11 Feb

Tristram Hunt poster

Click here to download a PDF of our Tristram Hunt poster 🙂

Fuck Iain Davros Smith!.. #free #poster

31 Mar

Iain Davros Smith

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘Iain Davros Smith’ poster 🙂

When The Going Gets Tough, The Toffs Get Toffer!..

20 Oct

This one was inspired by this post from Johnny Void and this one from Ian Bone.

This scab bastard and all round toff wanker has to be our WANKER OF THE WEEK!

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘King George’ poster.

Where would Jimmy Saville have been if it wasn’t for the BBC?..

15 Oct

Not without good reason Slur Jimmy Saville is our latest WANKER OF THE WEEK.

‘Oggy, Oggy, Osborne… Out! Out! Out!’ – Join the Pie March from Pudding Lane #pastytax #pastygate #ukuncut

18 Apr

Click here to download a PDF of our black ‘OSBORNE WANKER’ poster.

Click here to download a PDF of our ink friendly white ‘OSBORNE WANKER’ poster.

These posters have been designed to be carried on the baker’s march from Pudding Lane to Downing Street next week, as Ian Bone says


The march of bakers  from round the country and supported by THe Sun will start at  PUDDING LANE  and head to Downing street . London Class war will be on the march – and we urge you all to join us. We will have different aims than the organisers  but we expect our anti-toff  message to go down well like a fine pastie with our comrades from the Bakers union. We’ll be having none of the class  collaborationist stuff from the bossesof Greggs and other workfare slave owners. But we’ll make sure these wankers dont dominate the class war message of the march.TOFFS OUT.I doubt there’ll be any other anarchists or lefties on the march – far too snooty for such banalities – so  BRING THE CLASSS WAR FROM PUDDING LANE TO DOWNING STREET APRIL 26TH . Times when I get them. A maximum turnout i needed comrades………..

Bernard Hogan-Howe is Dirty!.. #ACAB #MET

15 Mar

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘Dirty Howie’ poster.

Wanker of the Week! #1: Recorder of Chester, Elgan Edwards

16 Aug

When Elgan Edwards sentenced Jordan Blackshaw and Perry Sutcliffe-Keenan to four years imprisonment each for supposedly inciting a riot via a Facebook page (ffs!!!) his motivations were 100% political. Edwards is one of the government’s pet judges; for this we award him our first ever WANKER OF THE WEEK!

Click here to download and print our WOTW #1poster.

(Suggestions for next week’s wanker will be warmly welcomed)