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Angry Brigade communique #2

15 Jun

Click here for a PDF of Communique #2

Spread the word. Spread the rage.

More to follow…



13 Jun

Inspired by this post we’ve started work on a series of Angry Brigade posters, flyers & communiqués. Here’s the first…

Click here to download the PDF

They’re designed to be cheaply printed and easily photocopied so you can spread the word – and spread your anger! 😉

Somebody suggested that we need Angry Brigades up and down the country, if you’d like to produce something for your region then we’d be more than happy to help 😀


Kick It Till It Breaks

18 Jul

This one is, of course, inspired by the Angry Brigade…

`If you’re not busy being born you’re busy buying’.

All the sales girls in the flash boutiques are made to dress the same and have the same make-up, representing the 1940’s. In fashion as in everything else, capitalism can only go backwards — they’ve nowhere to go — they’re dead.

The future is ours.

Life is so boring there is nothing to do except spend all our wages on the latest skirt or shirt.

Brothers and Sisters, what are your real desires?

Sit in the drugstore, look distant, empty, bored, drinking some tasteless coffee? Or perhaps BLOW IT UP OR BURN IT DOWN. The only thing you can do with modern slave-houses — called boutiques — IS WRECK THEM. You can’t reform profit capitalism and inhumanity. Just kick it till it breaks.


Communique 8
The Angry Brigade

You can download a PDF of our Kick It Till It Breaks poster by clicking here.

If you would like JPEG, SVG or any other format then email us at anarchistmediaproject[at]gmail.com