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Love Badgers? Then Support the @SquatTheCull Campaigners!..

20 Mar

cull the rich

It is now patently obvious to everyone and anyone¬† that the Tories are little more than EVIL BASTARDS. If they’re not busy creating misery and hardship for humans then they’re hell-bent on slaughtering what remains of Britain’s wild mammal population. But as our Greenjacker friends recently pointed out, the relentless Tory attack on everything we love is stirring people to action is ways we haven’t seen for a while…

The Badger Cull Squatters are a collective of animal rights activists, squatters and travellers who plan to squat cull-sites in Somerset, Gloustershire and possibly Dorset. It’s a tactic which saved dozens of threatened habitats from road-building back in the 90s… and which also happened to help generate one of the largest anarchist movements this country has seen. So show them your support and help squat the cull!..




Click here to download a PDF of our ‘Cull The Rich’ poster.