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22 Oct

Orgreave – 18 June 1984

Hillsborough – 15 April 1989

The BBC, already squirming from the Saville affair, have begun to say that they were duped by South Yorkshire Police into airing incorrect accounts of what happened at Orgreave (i.e. running reports that the miners attacked police lines and the police retaliated). Unfortunately for the Blatant Bullshit Corporation, footage which showed the truth – miners being viciously attacked by the filth and being forced to defend themselves) has been in circulation ever since the event happened, so they can hardly claim ignorance nearly 30 years later. Fuck Auntie, and the horse she rode in on!

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All Coppers Are…

17 Jul

BENT of course!..

Graphics from the very excellent News of the World.

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And having a go at the coppers gives us a good excuse to play this classic ;-)…