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OLD SCHOOL BRITANNIA: fuck the toffs before they fuck you!

2 Apr

Inspired by these wise words from Ian Bone


Yes chums you  were and are still in the same class. Amazement spreads that we allowed this lot to lord it over us.

The class divide in the tories is opening up between the thatcherite meritocrats and the inherited wealth cabaal of Osborne/Cameron. seewhat Lord Tebbit hs to say….

senior figures in the Tory Party ‘had their paths lubricated with money from cradle to school, to university and on through public relations and Westminster village bag-carrying.’

Click here for a free PDF of the poster (WARNING – big file!)


10 Sep

This is the front and back of the A5 flyer for the SHUT DOWN ETON event which will take place on Wednesday 28th September, 2011. Keep up with details of the event by following Ian Bone’s blog…

Click here to download the front of the flyer.

Click here to download the rear of the flyer.

Print & distribute as you like 😉


15 Aug

After this comment on Ian Bone’s blog

The ‘Stop the looters’ black & white, photocopy friendly version comes out a treat- if you copy and paste it onto an A4 word document, you get handy A5 flyers-printed a fuck load at work- will quietly distribute to local building sites, supermarket newspaper stands, jobcentre, local library, post boxes…any other suggestions?

We thought we’d make the job easier by producing an A5 flyer (2 x each A4 print)…

Click here to download.

Get these ‘Thugs’ off our streets!..

14 Aug

Click here to download the low-ink, photocopy friendly version of our GANG VIOLENCE poster.