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26 Apr

vote ian bone

This election poster is based an the amazing portrait of Ian create by the one and only Stanley Donwood – http://www.slowlydownward.com/

Click here to download a colour PDF of the poster. Or if you need a black and white version…

vote ian bone

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22 Oct

During the token TUC march on Saturday Ed Miliband made it absolutely clear (for those blind enough to believe otherwise) that nothing would be different under Labour (except maybe they’d be more apologetic as they fucked us). The welfare state – hard won by a militant working class – is being whittled away in the name of bullshit austerity measures and there is as yet no concrete action to defend it. Johnny Void is right

We are fighting for our homes, our health, our kids and in all too many cases our lives.  The death toll from austerity is real and grows every day.  No amount of marching to Hyde Park and listening to Ed Milliband promising more of the same will change that…. Strikes, occupations, blockades, sabotage and direct confrontation are all we have left.  If the trade unions genuinely want a future that works then co-ordinated surrenders, as happened over public pensions, are a betrayal of working class people.  This really isn’t a dress rehearsal, they want to take away everything we’ve won.  The question is do we have what it takes to stop them?

It’s literally fight or die!

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘Cuts’ poster.

SINK THE RICH! @ Henley Royal Regatta 2012

10 Apr

Inspired by the irrepressible Mr Bone:

SIR MATHEW PINSENT of the OLD ETONIAN ROWING CLUB  has stated that Trenton Oldfield was lucky that  Sir Stephen Redgrave did not get hold of him. ‘When someone tried to protest at Henley  a few years ago Stephen punched a whole in the side of their canoe with his bare fist’. OOOooooer…missus……………so comrades the challenge is laid down……….fiticuffs under Queensbery rules on the tideway at Henley….where’s Jeff Monson when we need him?   Such advocation of criminal damage by a  KNIGHT OF THE REALM is deplorable.We must not rise to the bait…………….FORWARD TO HENLEY   JUNE 30TH 2012………….

Many of you have asked the meaning of ‘punching a hole in your canoe’ . I am therefore indebted to m’learned friend Dr. Dora Kaplan of the Dept. of Semantics at the university of GOOLE for this explanation:

‘Punching a hole in the canoe’ is upper class slang for anal sex with a fag or other minor. Cognate terms include ‘oriental embroidery’ and ‘making the eight.’ Oxbridge pederasts will never directly allude to the act of sexual abuse, and avoid legal problems by using esoteric euphemism in place of direct reference. For example:
“Last year at Henley  got frightfully annoyed at some beastly roughs. When he got home he requisitioned a young Tarquin and punched a hole in the canoe, and right in the middle of the drawing room, too. His lady discovered him in flagrante delicto, and was incandescent. She still hadn’t forgiven him for making the eight with her youngest nephew last Chrsitmas. Dreadful business.”

Hope this clears it up.

Poster coming soon 😉

GLOBAL GENERAL STRIKE MAY 1st 2012: No Work; No School; No Shopping! #PLAYJAZZ

8 Apr

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘Global General Strike’ poster.

When it comes to Occupy we feel that real change will come only when we OCCUPY THE LAND… especially the near 60% of the land in Britain which is currently ‘owned’ by 0.6% of it’s people… the aristocratic rich scum who’s best trick, like that of the devil, is to convince people that they are no longer a threat. As The Land Magazine says in it’s manifesto:

The market (however attractive it may appear) is built on promises: the only source of wealth is the earth. Anyone who has land has access to energy, water, nourishment, shelter, healing, wisdom, ancestors and a grave. Ivan Illich spoke of “a society of convivial tools that allows men to achieve purposes with energy fully under their control”. The ultimate convivial tool, the mother of all the others, is the earth … Rome fell; the Soviet Empire collapsed; the stars and stripes are fading in the west. Nothing is forever in history, except geography. Capitalism is a confidence trick, a dazzling edifice built on paper promises. It may stand longer than some of us anticipate, but when it crumbles, the land will remain.

That said, the latest call from the instigators of the Occupy movement, the social engineers at Adbusters, is a mighty multinational General Strike (see Tactical Briefing #28). This is a fantastic idea because, unlike with other Occupy strategies, absolutely anyone can – and should – get involved 🙂

And while you have some spare time on your hands why not turn your hand to a spot of Insolence!


7 Apr

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘Health Service’ poster.

Top work from Cigfran resurrecting a timely Class War classic graphic! 🙂

Here’s a black and white, printer/photocopier friendly version…

Click here to download a free PDF of our b&w ‘Health Service’ poster.

BAILIFF (and other authoritarian scum) BEWARE!..

12 Mar

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘BAILIFF BEWARE’ poster.


5 Feb

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘COMING SOON’ poster.

They Only Call It CLASS WAR When We FIGHT BACK!

19 Jan

Last night the elusive CWMC (Class War Motorcycle/Motherfuckers Club) paid us a visit and asked us to produce a series of posters which had a simple message and were, more importantly, easy to photocopy and distribute.

We’re looking for suggestions for future posters… if you have a message you would like to convey to rich bastards, bankers and/or Tory scum then let us know and we’ll turn the best into posters.

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘Fight Back!’ poster.


21 Dec

Click here to download our TORY FREE ZONE poster.


11 Dec

Slimy tax-dodging bastard and enemy of the working class, Sir Philip Green, has the dubious honour of being the first target in our new FUCK THE RICH range of posters…

Click here to download poster.

We’re open to suggestions as to which rich scum to target next 😉