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16 Apr

off blackheath poster

Click here to download and print a PDF of our ‘OFF BLACKHEATH’ poster 🙂


27 May

Life has been getting kinda hectic, as it sometimes does, and we haven’t been as active as we’d like. Hopefully normal service will be resumed in the near future, but in the meantime here’s a message for all those bankers, politicians, police chiefs and assorted rich scum out there (if you happen to be at work, fuck your boss and crank-up the volume)

Official Portrait of Sir Gary Barlow @GBarlowOfficial @takethat

8 Feb

After his sickly sycophantic performance on BBC Television’s The One Show last night nobody can be in any doubt what Gary Barlow would like for Christmas 😉

Keep licking Gazza, that MBE is as good as yours!

Click here for a free PDF of our ‘Arselicker Barlow’ poster.

Get these ‘Thugs’ off our streets!..

14 Aug

Click here to download the low-ink, photocopy friendly version of our GANG VIOLENCE poster.


11 Dec

Slimy tax-dodging bastard and enemy of the working class, Sir Philip Green, has the dubious honour of being the first target in our new FUCK THE RICH range of posters…

Click here to download poster.

We’re open to suggestions as to which rich scum to target next 😉