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Support #J30 with our first FREE ‘Public Power’ #Stencil – #UKUncut #Solidarity #Cuts

24 Jun

Click here to download a PDF of ‘Public Power’ stencil #1.

DIZZZCLAIMER: This design is brought to you for entertainment purposes only. Under no circumstances should you consider using it to encourage the people of Britain to take a stand to protect the social infrastructure and safety nets which their ancestors fought so hard to secure. Better that you wait four more years on the off-chance that your vote will actually count for something by the time the next election comes around. Don’t worry that ALL politicians lie and that EVERY political party in the UK will bend over backwards to serve the bankers and corporations which caused the problem in the first place. Four years will fly by, and maybe it won’t really be too late to save our hospitals, schools, care homes, libraries, etc, etc., etc.