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17 Aug

This poster was inspired by this post, spread the word…

Click here to download a free PDF of our NO FREEDOM WITHOUT FREE SPEECH poster.


17 Aug

Ian Bone wrote the following and we think he’s got a point…

 “I think we should start rioting, it’s about time we stopped the authorities pushing us about and ruining this country.

“It’s about time we stood up for ourselves for once. So come on rioters – get some. LOL.”

This is an absolute attack on free speech. The 17 year old lives in a small village near Bury St.Edmunds.There is nothing specific in his facebook post to any area – it’s a general statement. He’s been given a curfew, youth rehabiitation order and god knows what else. He’d even deleted it so it ws only up for a short  time.The weekend before last Nik Cohen posted in The Observer ‘Why are there no riots here’ – why aint he been done. Or a thousand pieces you could read in broadsheets giving opinions or on leftie blogs like this. Why pick on teenagers? So you the cops and CPS can impres with their ‘robust’ approach. This prosecution is worse than the other one because it’s a general statement of opinion by no mean a specific incitement. If a kid in Syria had posted this he’d be hailed a hero. It’s now a crime here to say ‘I think we should start rioting’.  I think we need a lot of people who write and blog to stand up now and be counted on this one. Maybe some mass signed statement – maybe all put our names to what this kid has said and wait for the knock at the door. First they came for the 17 year old Facebookers.The WITCHFINDER GENERAL was about in the area of Bury St.Edmunds. Now in the midst of RIOT HYSTERIA he’s back.

***** Please spread far and wide.

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