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A Few Thoughts on Representative Democracy

6 Nov

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Cameron, Clegg, Miliband… all millionaires and all intent on making ‘necessary’ cuts.

Iain Duncan Smith… he comes for you!…

25 Oct

Apologies to Martin Niemöller, but with IDS’s latest attack on the poor and Lord Bichard’s attack on pensioners we just couldn’t stay silent. FUCK THE TORIES!.. Before they fuck us all!

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21 Oct

THE RICH ARE OUR MISFORTUNE.” is how Incubus signs off each of his informative and thought provoking posts. We think it’s a slogan which should be spread wide and far… so we’re gonna do just that 😉

Foxy says…

14 Oct

With the latest scientific evidence suggesting that the badger cull ‘could increase TB levels‘ rich Tory-voting scum can no longer hide the fact that the real reason they want this cull is because they’re sick twisted fucks who like killing things… which is how all aristo families became aristocrats in the first place. FUCK THE LOT OF ‘EM.

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PLEBS!.. Know Your Place!

13 Oct

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11 Apr

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SINK THE RICH! @ Henley Royal Regatta 2012

10 Apr

Inspired by the irrepressible Mr Bone:

SIR MATHEW PINSENT of the OLD ETONIAN ROWING CLUB  has stated that Trenton Oldfield was lucky that  Sir Stephen Redgrave did not get hold of him. ‘When someone tried to protest at Henley  a few years ago Stephen punched a whole in the side of their canoe with his bare fist’. OOOooooer…missus……………so comrades the challenge is laid down……….fiticuffs under Queensbery rules on the tideway at Henley….where’s Jeff Monson when we need him?   Such advocation of criminal damage by a  KNIGHT OF THE REALM is deplorable.We must not rise to the bait…………….FORWARD TO HENLEY   JUNE 30TH 2012………….

Many of you have asked the meaning of ‘punching a hole in your canoe’ . I am therefore indebted to m’learned friend Dr. Dora Kaplan of the Dept. of Semantics at the university of GOOLE for this explanation:

‘Punching a hole in the canoe’ is upper class slang for anal sex with a fag or other minor. Cognate terms include ‘oriental embroidery’ and ‘making the eight.’ Oxbridge pederasts will never directly allude to the act of sexual abuse, and avoid legal problems by using esoteric euphemism in place of direct reference. For example:
“Last year at Henley  got frightfully annoyed at some beastly roughs. When he got home he requisitioned a young Tarquin and punched a hole in the canoe, and right in the middle of the drawing room, too. His lady discovered him in flagrante delicto, and was incandescent. She still hadn’t forgiven him for making the eight with her youngest nephew last Chrsitmas. Dreadful business.”

Hope this clears it up.

Poster coming soon 😉

Rich Scum Tories Steal Food From Childrens’ Mouths!..

3 Apr

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Today The Independent has reported that:

“School meal portions are being shrunk, leaving children to go hungry, teachers and parents have warned. Smaller portion sizes caused by cost-cutting are reported in schools across the country and are of particular concern, given the increase in the number of impoverished pupils who rely on school lunches as their only hot meal of the day. Primary-age children, in particular, are going hungry after being given lunches that are too small, according to teachers.”


Classic Class War Cover: We Have Found New Homes for the Rich

24 Mar

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*This is a 5mb file because the photo of the graves doesn’t look as ‘nice’ converted to vector art. If you would like us to email you a smaller or compressed just let us know 🙂

Action Against Austerity…

17 Mar

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And as it’s Jubilee year…

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