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26 Apr

vote ian bone

This election poster is based an the amazing portrait of Ian create by the one and only Stanley Donwood – http://www.slowlydownward.com/

Click here to download a colour PDF of the poster. Or if you need a black and white version…

vote ian bone

… click here 😉


His name is TRISTRAM HUNT and he’s a right POSH…

11 Feb

Tristram Hunt poster

Click here to download a PDF of our Tristram Hunt poster 🙂

Eat – Sleep – RIOT – Repeat #ClassWar

17 Dec

eat, sleep, riot, repeat

Click here for a free PDF of the alternative Class War ‘Eat, Sleep, RIOT, Repeat’ poster.


22 Nov


The Yellow Tory Bastards (the party formerly known as ‘Lib Dem’) love to wave these ‘Winning Here’ banners during elections, so we thought we’d create some of our own for the 2015 CLASS WAR ELECTION CAMPAIGN 😉 …

small CW_Winning_Here


Click here to download the PDF

small CW_Waging_Here


Click here to download the PDF

small CW_Winning_Here_2


Click here to download the PDF

small CW_Winning_Here_3


Click here to download the PDF


News Of The World: Memorial to Thatcher Poster

17 Apr


Quick redux of a poster we made to celebrate the end of the News of The World which we thought might also come in handy to celebrate the end of Thatcher 😉

Pure Gold(thorpe)!..

17 Apr

Thatcher Funeral

Top work Goldthorpe, you’ve done South Yorkshire proud!

RIP Paul & Darren, you will never be forgotten. Fuck the Tories, you will never be forgiven.

Photo from Highgate Working Men’s Club.

Top Work Brighton!..

9 Apr