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#DIY #BlackBloc Propa-Propaganda Kit…

18 Mar

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘Black Bloc: We Are Everywhere’ poster.

This idea was inspired by the wonderful Byker Black Bloc who kicked the Lib Dems into touch during their conference in Gateshead  last week. As ‘Alan from Tyneside reported on Ian Bone’s blog:

Ok, I can relax now. One of our lads got lifted on the march on Saturday; his flat & his mam’s house raided, getting threatened with 15 years under anti-terror legislation; getting moved from station to station & held for much longer than the 24 hour legal maximum. But he’s out now with a conditional discharge on a couple of minor offences, (the Town Police Clauses Act 1860summat ffs).

So, I’m not going to do a long boring report about broad-front work and stuff; just some of the highlights:

a) Byker. Marching down the high street in BYKER on the ROAD not the fucking pavement and the march is being led by a bunch of ninjas with their smoke flares and attitude and a couple of local lads are carrying the ‘Byker against Cuts’ banner and the music’s blasting and people are tooting and everyone in the barber’s comes out and gives clenched fists or victory signs. And I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

b) Byker Bridge. No traffic going westbound into town cos we’ve taken the bridge. So our cameraman is lying flat out on his stomach in the middle of the road filming the march approaching. This guy coming the other way stops his car & is waving to the police, pointing and shouting ‘DEAD BODY!!’

c) Heading into town, the FIT appear. So the ninjas go in and hassle them. I mean really in yer face HASSLE them. To the extent that they fuck off. Shortly after that come the arrests, or rather one arrest and one de-arrest :-) Very close to kicking off properly at that point.

d) The fucking scumbag SWP. They are NOT part of the broad front coalition which organised this, (although a couple of their members are). In fact, (shock horror), they worked actively against it; slagging us on facebook for dividing the class by not going directly to the offical TUC wankfest, ordering their members not to come on our march and diverting the student feeder march away from the rendezvous at the Monument.

e) Fuck them, we met up anyway and there’s another hundred of us now, marching down Northumberland Street . But instead of going to the Monument, we divert from the ‘agreed route’ and occupy one of the main road junctions in town. Right outside the bizzie station. But, with the plod shitting theselves, the SWP ride in and rescue them. Specifically, their deputy-under-hitler gets on the megaphone and starts urging the crowd to move off and join the TUC rally on the quayside. “Hey guys! it’s still not too late to get to the rally and listen to fatcat TU bureaucrats urging you to vote Labour!!” Cunt.

f) The River and the Nazis. The Sage, where the lib-dems are, is on the Gateshead side, with the Millenium Bridge at the east end and the Swing Bridge at the west end. The trade unionists are gathered at the Gateshead side of the Millenium Bridge and now hundreds of us Clegg Off! lot are pouring over the Swing Bridge. In between, on the Newcastle side of the river, are the nazis. They had been spamming our FB pages for weeks with their “I’m fucking hard I am” threats. There was EIGHT of them. Eight. Complete, utterly irrelevant spunkbrains.

g) The Sage. Well, like all these things, when you get there its a bit of an anti-climax. Some of the younger comrades spent ages finding plausible routes for an assault on the Sage itself. Some older persons wanted to join the TUC rally to persuade them of the error of their ways and some trade unionists wanted to join with us. Me and comrade Trev retired to a quiet corner to contact a solicitor and when we came back almost everyone had sensibly fucked off to the pub. Apart from the two Byker lads that is; they we quietly amusing themselves by mooning at the LIb-Dem delegates on the balcony above.

h) The American Professor’s lecture. This took place in a working class pub in Gateshead, quite near the Sage actually. Andrew Kliman, who I liked a lot and who was much more interesting talking about spikey stuff than about marxist economic theory. It emerged during the meeting that the landlord of the pub had come under considerable pressure from the bizzies the day before to cancel the meeting. He said no, I won’t. Makhno Medal.

i) There’s lots more of course. The banner drop on Friday was a great feat of anarchist organisation. Late on Saturday, two broad front comrades got into the Hilton & cornered Danny Alexander. And we were noticed. Anarchists AND the broad front coalition. And me bairn is out of the nick and I’ve just won my first attempt at a JSA sanctioning appeal just by putting the form in.

Happy as fuck. A.


This strategy of autonomous, anonymous, playful, decentralised, civil disobedience (aka ‘Black Bloc’) is the most effective weapon the working class have left against a state which refuses to listen to – and no longer tolerates – any form of popular dissent. In the interests of creating a recognisable loose umbrella group – but keeping true to the idea of people working for themselves – we’ve designed a photo-copy friendly Black Block poster, which can be printed cheaply and which can easily be adapted to suit any occasion 😉 …

There’s a blank ‘black’ version…

…which you can alter or write on with copydex, etc, before photocopying…

…and there’s a cut-out ‘white’ version for those who like to write in marker pen…

Click here to download the Black verion.

Click here to download the White version.

And, as always, we’re happy to make bespoke versions for people that we like… just send us your ideas. 😉


10 Sep

This is the front and back of the A5 flyer for the SHUT DOWN ETON event which will take place on Wednesday 28th September, 2011. Keep up with details of the event by following Ian Bone’s blog…

Click here to download the front of the flyer.

Click here to download the rear of the flyer.

Print & distribute as you like 😉

Children of Britain, Know Your Place: BORN POOR, DIE POOR

11 Aug

Since the riots poor kids have been called ‘feral’, ‘scum’, ‘vermin’, ‘thugs’, ‘chavs’, ‘rats’, ‘apes’, ‘idiots’, ‘sickos’, etc., etc., by a diverse, but relatively wealthy cross-section of society which includes many millionaire MPs and media pundits.

Since the riots the parents of poor kids have been called ‘morons’, ‘wasters’, ‘scroungers’, ‘ignoramuses’, ‘careless parents’, ‘absentee-fathers’, ‘layabouts’, ‘feckless’, ‘criminal minded’, etc., etc., by a diverse, but relatively wealthy cross-section of society which includes many millionaire MPs and media pundits.

Before the riots poor kids were called ‘feral’, ‘scum’, ‘vermin’, ‘thugs’, ‘chavs’, ‘rats’, ‘apes’, ‘idiots’, ‘sickos’, etc., etc., by a diverse, but relatively wealthy cross-section of society which included many millionaire MPs and media pundits.

Before the riots the parents of poor kids were called ‘morons’, ‘wasters’, ‘scroungers’, ‘ignoramuses’, ‘careless parents’, ‘absentee-fathers’, ‘layabouts’, ‘feckless’, ‘criminal minded’, etc., etc., by a diverse, but relatively wealthy cross-section of society which included many millionaire MPs and media pundits.

So the simple message (which the poor were obviously too stupid to understand…) is that if your poor then it must be your own fault and not a consequence of living in a rigged society which is one of the most blatantly unequal in Europe… if not the world. It’s your own fault that youth unemployment rates are the highest ever recorded. It’s your own fault that a third of UK children grow up in poverty and that the services designed to help alleviate that poverty are being destroyed to help pay for the banker’s financial fuck ups.

If you’re BORN POOR in modern Britain it’s extremely likely that you will DIE POOR, so get over it and stop rioting.

In the meantime the BBC will keep on creating expensive productions of classic Dickens’ stories while it’s news/propaganda wing ignores the fact that we’ve returned to Victorian levels of inequality.

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘Children of Britain’ poster.