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25 Apr

Ian Bone

‘Hands up all those desperate to give Mr Goldsmith a week’s food money to sit beside the A2 watching a cooking demo, while some bloke and his band get ready to deafen everyone from Deptford to Woolwich. Wake up Blackheath’

Typical response to the fiasco that is ‘ON BLACKHEATH’. Overpriced tickets, added booking fees, no more big name acts announced as repeatedly promised, website mostly full up with comments from their own PR, NO FOOD INCLUDED IN THE TICKET PRICE OF £108 plus £6 BOOKING FEE AND £66 FOR KIDS, clash with Kate Bush dates,……..basically you are paying £114 for a MASSIVE WANK concert!!
And then there’s the free foodbank run by Class War, the army of beggars imploring ‘ spare us the booking fee guv’nor’ AND THE COMPLETE FUCKING OBSCENITY OF RUNNING A MICHELIN STYLE FOOD FESTIVAL IN A BOROUGH WHERE FOODBANKS ARE FEEDING HUNDREDS OF FAMILIES A WEEK…

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4 Nov

Ian Bone

Fucking hell………I must have got they guy wrong……..I screamed to Jane………look at this……fucking hell……….fair play to the geezer…….wonder if he’ll need some help……jane read it out slowly while making a point of polishing my glasses…

‘Owen Jones is going to set fire to HIS ENERGY BILL on Westminster Bridge on November 5th’………DOH!

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@PenguinUKBooks to extend their range of MEDIOCRE CLASSICS

21 Oct

Warren Draper

Morrissey Mediocre

Following the success of Morrissey’s stunningly mundane ‘Autobiography’,Penguin Books have decided to release an entire range aimed exclusively at affluent, middle-aged, white people.

Richard Branson Mediocre

When questioned about the decision the overseer of the new Mediocre Classics range of titles, Sir Gideon Farquhar Ponsalot, said that: “Banal is the new Black.

Nigel Slater Mediocrity

Adding: “If Harry fucking Potter can be sold as adult literature then why can’t Morrissey be treated with the respect he so clearly deserves.”

Heston Blumenthal Mediocre

“People need to understand that the age of great literature is long dead. Even that cretin, Michael bloody Gove, recognises the fact that nothing decent has been published since 1871.”

Kirstie Allsopp Mediocrity

“Why not give the c-list celebrities a chance? It worked for ball room dancing!”

Dan Snow Mediocre

Don’t worry if you’re too tight to buy the Mediocre Classics range, each publication is bound to be serialised in The Telegraph or the Daily Mail by the end of the…

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13 Jun

INCUBUS: Incendiary rants of an apostate anarchist

Since the horrible killing of Fusilier Lee Rigby just over a week ago, the English Defence League has seen a turn-around in their political fortunes in terms of membership, support and media coverage.  An organisation that was on the brink of extinction through in-fighting and persistent defeat on the streets has had new life breathed into it by parasitically latching on to the death of an off-duty soldier apparently at the hands of Jihadi ‘Islamicist’ militants, opportunistically using the event to push their own agenda. We might ask exactly what that agenda is, since it seems to be a very multi-faceted one.  On the surface the ‘organisation’ exists to combat ‘extreme Islam’, seeking to protest the growth of that ‘ideology’ on the streets, in Mosques, in Schools and Universities and throughout British society. The EDL claims to be’ inclusive’ and not Islamophobic, calling on Muslim communities, community and religious leaders…

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Here’s looking at you, kid – a few thoughts on #EdwardSnowden #FreeSpeech & #Liberty

11 Jun

Liam Byrne Fuck Off

18 Apr

the void

liam-byrneOf all the rancid scabs and class traitors that infest the modern Labour Party, grinning idiot Liam Byrne is the worst.

His latest calls for a ‘tough’ welfare system in the wake of rising unemployment just reveals what this Iain Duncan Smith pretender thinks about those condemned to benefits.  More people are unemployed, so those people need to be treated toughly according to Byrne and punished with forced work and benefit sanctions.

Byrne loves workfare, not because he think it will help people get jobs – he knows it won’t – but because it makes him feel like a bit of a hard man, a sort of Daily Mail reading Mitchell brother, in touch with the common man.  In truth he’s far more Ian Beale, a squirming little sell out who gets his only shallow kicks from hurting those who can’t fight back.

Byrne doesn’t just pay lip service to…

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Video from Goldthorpe

17 Apr

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Homeless Man Dies of Cold Just Inches From Shelter After Squatting Ban

4 Apr

the void

empty-bungalowIn a tragic story which fell largely by the wayside, a homeless man died of hypothermia earlier this year after sleeping in the doorway of an abandoned building in Aylesbury, Kent.

Daniel Gauntlett was just 35 years old when he was found dead outside the empty bungalow at the end of February.  Reports claim he had previously attempted to sleep inside the boarded up property but had been prevented after police were called.  The  bungalow was due to be bulldozed.

Some housing campaigners have laid the blame for his death directly at the feet of Mike Weatherley, the Tory MP who proposed the legislation which makes squatting in any residential property a criminal offence.  It is not just Weatherley who has blood on his hands.  Almost every Labour MP also voted for the new laws which were not only built on lies but removed an ancient and historic…

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1 Apr

the void

Graffiti is pictured on a pillar outsideOn the weekend before the most savage cuts to social security in generations are introduced, the Tory party have gone on a media offensive to attack sick and disabled people or those who are unemployed, low waged and poor.

Minister for Murdering Disabled People Esther Mcvey began the assault with a vile piece of propaganda in the Daily Mail on Saturday.  Mcvey claims that many people who are “officially classed ‘disabled’ are no such thing”.  Her nasty diatribe comes in advance of the changes to disability benefits which will see around a fifth of disabled people lose vital support.

This is a woman with so much real world experience that she still lives with her business-owning dad at the age of 45.  Despite a half-arsed attempt at setting up a business, the nearest Mcvey has ever come to real work was sitting on the GMTV sofa.  Is it any…

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4 Nov

INCUBUS: Incendiary rants of an apostate anarchist

So that’s OK then, a super-injunction against Newsnight and all-comers heals all wounds does it? So whoever the fuck it was, can sleep soundly in their, or some small boy’s, bed, knowing that their revolting  crimes can be ‘redacted’ by virtue of some top-drawer lawyers. Could you imagine it, if any old serial rapist or mass murderer could simply issue an injunction to protect themselves from the legal repercussions of their actions…Meanwhile they can continue with their ‘droit de seigneur’ in a re-enactment of the excesses of the ‘Ancien Regime’ of Louis XVI as portrayed so perfectly in ‘The 120 Days of Sodom’ by the Marquis de Sade. These latter-day Bluebeards, these filthy monsters, who sing the praises of ‘Family Values’, whilst bathed in the maggoty vomit of their own hypocrisy, where the term ‘moral bankruptcy’ could never do their abominations justice. These are our rulers, these paedophiles, the butchers…

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