So UKIP’s coming to Donny? We can’t wait!

2 Jun

Fuck the UKIP millionaires

Apparently UDIK are having their main 2014 conference at Doncaster Racecourse on Friday September 26 and Saturday September 27.

Firstly a massive ‘FUCK YOU’ to Donny Races, we still haven’t forgiven you for getting your English Democrat mate (see the theme here?) to illegally fell trees on common land.

Secondly WTF! UDIK are just Tories, plain and simple. Why do they think they can come to a town that was destroyed – and continues to be fucked over… – by Tory bastards and anyone else who helps to forward their people-grinding, community-killing, world-hating, soul-crushing neoliberal agenda… yeah, we’re looking at you LABOUR!

AMP and Doncaster Class War are getting ready for battle, and we need you help. Let’s cover the town with posters in the build-up to the conference and the racecourse with fearless, sneering, class-conscious pranksters during the event. Let’s voice our disgust at all politicians while this bunch of bigoted businessmen pontificate about the global testicle deficit as they quaff their Chablis and Foie Gras.

So if you can help financially with the posters or physically by giving Farange’s Fuck-wits a heckle and a hard time then get in touch via these Class War links…

Ever considered volunteering for #UKIP ?…

21 May

fuck ukip

nuff said


26 Apr

vote ian bone

This election poster is based an the amazing portrait of Ian create by the one and only Stanley Donwood –

Click here to download a colour PDF of the poster. Or if you need a black and white version…

vote ian bone

… click here 😉



25 Apr

Ian Bone

‘Hands up all those desperate to give Mr Goldsmith a week’s food money to sit beside the A2 watching a cooking demo, while some bloke and his band get ready to deafen everyone from Deptford to Woolwich. Wake up Blackheath’

Typical response to the fiasco that is ‘ON BLACKHEATH’. Overpriced tickets, added booking fees, no more big name acts announced as repeatedly promised, website mostly full up with comments from their own PR, NO FOOD INCLUDED IN THE TICKET PRICE OF £108 plus £6 BOOKING FEE AND £66 FOR KIDS, clash with Kate Bush dates,……..basically you are paying £114 for a MASSIVE WANK concert!!
And then there’s the free foodbank run by Class War, the army of beggars imploring ‘ spare us the booking fee guv’nor’ AND THE COMPLETE FUCKING OBSCENITY OF RUNNING A MICHELIN STYLE FOOD FESTIVAL IN A BOROUGH WHERE FOODBANKS ARE FEEDING HUNDREDS OF FAMILIES A WEEK…

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A little something for the Queen on her 88th Birthday…

21 Apr

vampire queen



16 Apr

off blackheath poster

Click here to download and print a PDF of our ‘OFF BLACKHEATH’ poster 🙂


16 Apr

off blackheath

Download a PDF of the ‘OFF BLACKHEATH’ logo for your posters 😉

CLASS WAR ON BLACKHEATH #ClassWar #Austerity #FoodBanks

16 Apr

class war off blackheath poster

If you agree that these fuckers are taking the piss with their food festival – – then go and tell them what you think!


His name is TRISTRAM HUNT and he’s a right POSH…

11 Feb

Tristram Hunt poster

Click here to download a PDF of our Tristram Hunt poster 🙂

Occupy the Ballot Box! #Free #ClassWar #Poster

21 Dec

occupy the ballot box poster

Inspired by this statement from Stan Cullen.

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘Occupy the Ballot Box’ poster.