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Occupy the Ballot Box! #Free #ClassWar #Poster

21 Dec

occupy the ballot box poster

Inspired by this statement from Stan Cullen.

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘Occupy the Ballot Box’ poster.

Celebrate #MillionMask with our FREE #Clownsec stencil…

5 Nov

clownsec stencil


We’re celebrating the Anonymous Million Mask March with a series of stencils… first up our favourite comical pranksters, Clownsec.

Click here to download the Pie It Forward poster.

Click here to download the Pie It Forward stencil.

*Remember kids, no flyposting… and it’s only art if Banksy does it 😉


28 Aug

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘Better to squat…’ stencil.

Inspired and enraged by this post from the very excellent Johnny Void we’ve decided to create a series of pro-squatting posters based around a simple raised-fist squat design…

Click here for a free PDF of our basic ‘Save Squatting’ stencil.

We’ve created a few slogans to be going on with, but if you have any others you’d like us to produce just leave a comment and we’ll add it to the list if we like it.

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘Homes for Everybody’ stencil.

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘Not a Crime’ stencil.

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘Squat the Rich’ stencil.

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘No Justice, No Crime’ stencil.

These stencils are intended for every single one of the 750,000 empty homes in the UK. As Johnny Void observes these properties are owned by banks, large corporations, offshore companies and other potential donors to the political parties who forced this new legislation through without proper consultation. Homes which will stay empty whilst homelessness soars.

On a more positive note the new laws will not apply to land (so for fucks sake Reclaim The Fields before it’s too late!) or non-residential properties. Many commercial premises can (and should) be easily adapted to provide comfort and shelter… especially all those pubs which are closing down at an alarming rate… if you do squat a pub do us a favour and call it “The Uppin Arms.” 😉 …

Click here to download a PDF of our ‘Uppin Arms’ stencil.

If you want more information about squatting, the new laws, or would like to join the fightback then please visit the following websites…




16 Aug

Pussy Unity

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘PUSSY UNITY’ Poster.

Just a quick re-post of our Pussy Riot poster now that Amnesty International are on the case…

Pussy Riot needs your support – text and stand up for free speech

Normal AMP service is due to resume in the very near future…

PUSSY UNITY – Free Pussy Riot!!! #solidarity #PussyRiot

15 Apr

Pussy Unity

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘PUSSY UNITY’ Poster.

We saw a photograph of the very wonderful Andrea Vander Kooij‘s ‘Balaclava for Kissing’ (2006 -Photo Credit: Kate Fellerath) and thought it made the perfect image to show solidarity with Pussy Riot.

Maria, Nadezhda and Ekaterina face up to seven years imprisonment for their alleged involvement in “hooliganism” (hooliganism being playing loud music apparently) at the ‘Christ the Savior Cathedral’ in Moscow, as Amnesty International reports:

Several members of the punk group ‘Pussy Riot’, with their faces covered in balaclavas, sang a protest song titled “Virgin Mary, redeem us of Putin” in the cathedral. The Russian authorities subsequently arrested Maria Alekhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova on 4 March and Ekaterina Samusevich on 15 March claiming they were the masked singers. Although the three women admit to being members of the larger ‘Pussy Riot’ group, they deny any involvement in the particular protest in the cathedral.

The next day of action is scheduled to coincide with the first day of their trial and the Free Pussy Riot website has some suggestions for ways in which you might like to show solidarity with Pussy Riot…

April 19th, the day of the trial is the action day to show your real support and solidarity with the Pussy Riot and their three alleged members unfairly jailed in Moscow!

Take Action and Make Noise:

–  protest in front  of Russian Embassy in your country
–  phone Russian Government
–  call press
–  wear your balaclavas
–  organize a gig
–  post on FB / Youtube / Twitter
–  send solidarity letters
–  donate

Join Our Protest and Demand Immediate Release of Maria, Nadezhda and Ekaterina!

More details can be found at the Free Pussy Riot website.

From 2012 to 1984 – Digi Cam’s latest attack on the liberties of UK citizens…

1 Apr

Click here for a free PDF of our ‘Big Brother Britain’ poster.

Despite all their big talk about ‘the Nanny State’ and liberties when they were in opposition the Tories have proved that they’re as keen as Labour was to ensure that Britain becomes the most surveillanced society on the planet. We’re already the most highly filmed population and  now Dave – Digi Cam – Cameron wants to force internet and communications companies to surrender our information to the government’s intelligence agency, the GCHQ… an act which will put the UK on par with China and Iran.

Combine this with the new National Identity Register (which may include compulsory ‘voice biometrics’ for everyone in Britain) and you have a situation which is, as Johnny Void has already shown, even worse than Labour’s National ID Card proposal!

Labour no doubt will feign disapproval, but the reality is that this is where all government are heading. The good news is that the technology which makes this possible is also the technology which will allow us to transcend outmoded hierarchical systems like government. 😉

For more info on liberty and communications technology visit…




You Can’t Imprison An Idea, FREE THE LULZ! – #free #stencil #art #lulzsec #freezsec

8 Mar

First they came for Julian Assange,
and we didn’t speak out because he was a bit strange.

Then they came for the social network kids,
and we didn’t speak out because Mark Zuckerberg is a rich scumbag who wants to own everyone!

Then they came for computer science students,
and we didn’t speak out because we were too stupid to understand the implications.

Then they came for LulzSec…

On Tuesday the FBI charged five young men on suspicion of being involved with the ‘LulzSec‘ cyber attacks. Grounds for their initial arrests were based largely on the testimony of New Yorker, Hector Xavier Monsegur, aka Sabu. There’s some division among hackers at the moment as to whether Sabu is a turncoat FBI super-grass, or whether he actually took one for the team. Less ambiguous is the fact that the FBI were aware of – and therefore implicit in – a number of actions over a nine month period, including the Stratfor hack which seems to have been used specifically to entrap people.

Buried amongst the current hyperbole is the fact that people involved with groups like LulzSec, Wikileaks and/or Anonymous aren’t criminals* or even ‘cyber-terrorists’, they’re actually protesters and freedom fighters who are actively creating a new – and rather effective – form of civil disobedience.

Their protests (and indeed Low Orbit Ion Cannons) are predominantly aimed at government censorship and intrusive monitoring of the internet; but they have also included actions against dictatorships, institutionalised racism and police corruption. If these had been traditional a-to-b-marches that the left are so fond of (or even full on riots) they would not have resulted in international arrest warrants and threats of 100+ year prison terms, nor would they have proved anywhere near as effective in highlighting the fact that the leaders and government institutions of the so-called ‘Land of the Free’ will stop at nothing to to crush those who dare to exercise, promote and defend real freedoms.

Quite rightly the case of Richard O’Dwyer, the Sheffield Hallam University student facing extradition and a five year prison term simply for building a website which included links to film download sites (information readily available on Google), has outraged people and inspired a 20,000+ signature petition. Ryan Ackroyd (aka Kayla/lol/lolsoon), who lives a few miles north of Sheffield in the Doncaster town of Mexborough, also faces extradition and an even lengthier sentence, but because he is allegedly linked to LulzSec we’ve yet to see the same level of support for this young man.

Anyone who claims to cherish individual freedoms and social justice should show their support for all those who are currently being harangued by the state just so the authorities can set an example to anyone else who might be tempted to remind people of their liberties.

We’ll give the last (wise) word to  Hack News:

[M]y heart goes out to these brave men and their families as they work their way through the corrupt and ill focused justice system for leading the only movement existing in our mis-shapened world that works to do one thing: tell the truth.

One must ask them self why lulzsec,anonymous, wikileaks, etc. Exist? What has driven millions of young people behind the mask and into cyber space to place self, family and home on the front line of attack by the FBI and other infamous law enforcement agencies? The answer is quite clear. The truth. If the FBI, government, multi-billion dollar corporations, banks and other financial institutions were telling us the truth, well, who would need them?

I was thinking of nelson mandela this morning. Thinking of his 20 years in prison. The government taking away from him every right of every human being on earth for doing one thing: telling the truth. Exposing and speaking out against injustice and tryanny. I was also thinking about the thousands of people who are being forced to foreclose on their homes, the people who have no jobs, the young people who have no future because we have allowed the 1% to bath in our revenues and take our possessions and our pride.

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘Antisec Face’ stencil.

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘You Can’t Imprison an Idea’ stencil.

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘FREE THE LULZ’ stencil.

DIZZZCLAIMER: This blog and it’s artworks are for information and entertainment purposes only. We’ll leave the incitement to the professionals… those shitheads at the FBI! 😉

*There have been attacks on credit card companies, but monies have only ever been transfered to charities or used to pay for servers – so if they’re criminals so was Robin Hood! 😉

They Only Call It CLASS WAR When We FIGHT BACK!

19 Jan

Last night the elusive CWMC (Class War Motorcycle/Motherfuckers Club) paid us a visit and asked us to produce a series of posters which had a simple message and were, more importantly, easy to photocopy and distribute.

We’re looking for suggestions for future posters… if you have a message you would like to convey to rich bastards, bankers and/or Tory scum then let us know and we’ll turn the best into posters.

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘Fight Back!’ poster.

Act Against ACTA!

9 Nov


Freedom Comes to Trafalgar Square #occupy #OccupyLSX #Nov9

9 Nov

Inspired by this tweet from @OccupyLSX: “40 tents on Trafalgar Square! *victory dance” :D” we decided to create a little poster…

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘Trafalgar’ poster.



Here’s another for good measure…

Click here to download a free PDF of our ‘Occupational Hazard’ poster.